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A kitchen before and after renovation.

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It’s a new year, breathe new life into your home

January, a financially demanding month, is still in full swing, therefore it would not be a suitable month to set remodelling or home improvement goals. But the 31 days will eventually come to an end, and when they do, you can afford to start thinking about how to upgrade your home.

The first step in this process is creating a plan to refer to along the way. When putting together your to-do list, start by setting a budget, this will determine how much you will spend on each area of your home. While some projects are likely to cost less, such as updating your garden or buying new indoor foliage, others like a bathroom overhaul may cost a bit more and require further planning and even saving.

Keeping a savings account for large remodelling projects can save you a lot more in the long run than taking a loan or buying fittings on credit, which will likely accrue interest over time. For homeowners who think that the process seems more costly than they think it would be worth in the long run, consider that having those extra improvements can raise the home’s resale value when the time to sell comes.

Fresh paint

You can never go wrong with a fresh coat of paint as you embark on the new year. For bonus points, paint also serves as ongoing security for your investment. Over time, the paint could get damaged or fade, making it an essential project for the new year. You can opt to do it yourself in your free time or hire someone to do it for you. Once decided, take some time to comb through shade palettes and put together your own colour scheme for the new phase of your house’s life.

Outdoor entertainment area

Covid-19 is still with us, and with this in mind, it would be important to refresh and reimagine your outdoor living space by putting up a new deck or improving the existing one. First, think about what material works best for your specific needs. You can either use paver stones, build a wooden deck or pour over a concrete pad.

For existing outdoor areas that are currently not aligned with your needs, see if you can extend it or build a new canopy or deck to improve its state. Hanging plants are also the rave this year and will enhance the air quality of your entertainment area.


How much stuff can one person have? The question varies for every individual. Clutter can make you apprehensive and lower your productivity around your home, despite the comfort of having your treasured belongings all around you. By organising your home and optimising the space within, you can take care of some of your other new year’s resolutions as well.

If you were looking to save more this year, you may find a few products you don’t need to purchase again or fix something old and forgotten.

Decluttering can get quite overwhelming. Best to start with a less cluttered space such as the bathroom, then make your way to the rooms you have more difficulty keeping clean on a weekly basis. 

Bedroom closets can be part of a seasonal round-up, where clothes you no longer use or that no longer fit can be donated or passed down. Make the effort to create a “maybe” box to go through in a few months as you revisit each space. This will help you figure out if the item is useful to you, and if not, you can opt to donate it in the next roundup.

Add biophilic elements into your home

Last year, 2021, was a year filled to the brim with sustainable innovations, grounding a highly digitised world and taking things back to nature - 2022 will predictably be the year to integrate these innovations in your home. Throwing in a nature-centric twist to your household involves everything from adding a touch of green or earthy tones, thinking about adding garden fountains and picking out houseplants to suit your window garden.

 Houseplants have a way of bringing your home to life, especially when blessed with lush foliage.  Home growing kits can also have your kitchen feeling vibrant with fresh, fragrant herbs bringing that biophilic feel indoors. The more eco-friendly your addition is, the better.


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