Police admit al-Shabaab recruiting Kenyan youth

Veiled protestors hold the flag of Somali rebel group al Shabaab during a demonstration outside the Jamia Mosque in Kenya's capital Nairobi on January 21, 2010. Photo/FILE

Somalia-based insurgent group al-Shabaab is recruiting Kenyans to join its ranks.

Police and Western intelligence agencies indicated that dozens of Kenyans were among foreigners who had joined al-Shabaab fighters after undergoing military training.

However, the police have said they might soon arrest and prosecute at least six recruiters believed to be operating from Mombasa.

A senior Anti-Terrorism Police Unit officer said there was enough evidence on their schemes.

“It is true we have a number of al-Shabaab recruiters and we are about to complete our investigations before we go for them,” he said.

Six youths among them two secondary school students from Mombasa and a Nigerian with a British passport, were arrested last week in Kizingitini, Lamu, while trying to enter Somalia, allegedly to join al-Shabaab.

The five, Mohammed Adam, Juma Khan, Hassan Mohammed, Swaleh Abdul and Mbwana Mohammed were freed on bond to maintain peace as police investigate the racket.

No criminal record

Chief Magistrate Rosemelle Mutoka will rule on the matter on December 1. The  Nigerian, Mr Michael Olemindis Ndemolajo, is said to have  travelled from the UK to join the group.

He was, however, deported to the UK after it was established that his travelling documents were genuine and that he lacked a criminal record.


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