Kabogo questioned on university girl’s death

Juja MP William Kabogo (pictured) was one of the guests at a party where the post-graduate journalism student was reported to have had an angry argument with a man before her death on June 17. Photo/FILE

Juja MP William Kabogo has been questioned by police officers investigating the mysterious death of a university student whose body was found dumped on a busy city highway.

Mr Kabogo was one of the guests at a party where the post-graduate journalism student was reported to have had an angry argument with a man before her death on June 17.

“I have recorded a statement with the police and you can get all the details there. I do not know where you got the report about a dark Mercedes Benz allegedly seen dropping a body,” said Mr Kabogo.

Mercy Keino

The MP said he had nothing to do with the student’s death and challenged those with information about the incident to report to police.

“Sometimes I don’t understand you people (media)… you seem to have more information than we have, give it to the police,” he told the Nation by phone.

The party attended by the MP was held at Wasini Luxury Homes on Church Road — off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi — the night before Ms Mercy Keino was found dead after allegedly quarrelling with a man.

Ms Keino, 25, was found dead on Waiyaki Way her body in a terrible state, having been run over by vehicles.

Police are reported to be linking two reports, one about the discovery of the body on the road and another by a witness who claimed to have seen a body being thrown out of a Mercedez Benz on Waiyaki Way.

Detectives at Parklands police station said the MP told them he had met Ms Keino at the party for the first time.

And Gigiri police boss Josek Nansio said they had mounted a manhunt for the owner of the dark Mercedes Benz mentioned by the witness who had called the police. The car had been officially identified.

“We got his particulars of the motorist just yesterday (Saturday). He never came to police in the first place and so we have to look for him,” he said.

Police had not found him by the time of going to press last evening.

Mr Nansio said until then, his detectives could not be fully sure they were investigating murder.

A source who spoke to the witnesses said an MP arrived at the party shortly after midnight.

Mercy had arrived with her friend earlier in the evening.

He said the host served juice, and the partying went on well until someone in the group produced an alcoholic drink, described by the source as “hard stuff”, possibly a description of spirits, and moved round the room pouring into glasses.

At this point, Ms Keino is reported to have protested, saying her faith did not allow her to be in such a gathering.

She was a staunch follower of Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The source said Ms Keino walked out of the house in protest and was followed and dragged back by several well-built men.
A scuffle ensued and Ms Keino is reported to have broken glasses as the men struggled to restrain her.

She is reported to have walked out a second time with the men in pursuit.

Her body was found at around 4.15 am, according to a police report.

An initial report by a pathologist indicated her legs were broken, and the upper body disfigured, probably after she was ran over by vehicles.


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