How circumcision campaign gave Nyanza women a voice

Prof Agot Kawango of Research and Development Organisation (IRDO) during an interview in her office in Kisumu. Prof Kawango said that the role of women, albeit muted, could not be ignored in the circumcision exercise. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NATION MEDIA GROUP

What you need to know:

  • Nyanza, as indicated in the 2014 Kenyan Demographic Health Survey (KDHS), is an extremely patriarchal society.
  • The Luo make up the largest portion of the 15 per cent of the people in Kenya who do not carry out this rite of passage. Others are the Turkana, the Pokot and the Teso.

The title that Mary Ochieng’ uses to refer to her husband — Wuon parwa that is loosely translated to mean “the owner of our thoughts” in Dholuo — speaks volumes of the kind of relationship she has with him.


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