Grief and questions after shocking death of Chris Msando

What steps will be taken to ensure Chris Msando's killer is brought to justice

Following the news that IEBC ICT boss Christopher Mhando was found dead, thousands took to social media to react to his death.

Police on Monday said his body and that of an unidentified woman were found in Kikuyu and taken to the City Mortuary.

Here is how Kenyans are reacting on social media.

Katebes Sadam Kibet‏  tweeted, “As we strive to find the killers,  we owe Chris a peaceful election. Fare thee well brother.

Leah Matu posted on Facebook, "Waah! So sad. Some people should stop running their mouths ati ni Jubilee ama ni Nasa. They should wait for the investigations. Meanwhile God is watching.”

“Whoever killed this man, with power of God may earth swallow him or her. Shame on them,” Fullelle Yahya said on Facebook.

Peter Warui posted on Facebook, “Moses Kuria posted that he was enjoying with a woman, can he be questioned please. We need the truth, very sad for the family and friends.”

“Chris Msando was instrumental in the new integrated electronic management system. His death should be treated as premeditated murder,” Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior tweeted.

Nelson Havi‏ tweeted, “Company of female passenger is not a capital offense. GOK should drop that exhausted line and tell us who and why Chris Msando was killed.”

Vincent Ogechi‏ expressed his shock in only five words, “Only in Kenya!! So shameful”