Bees attack police, protesters outside Supreme Court

One person injured, police, protestors forced to flee after bees attack them outside Supreme Court

Police and protesters outside the Supreme Court were forced to flee after they were attacked by bees.

A beggar, who was near the Supreme Court was injured after being stung by the bees that attacked around 11.40am.

He was rushed to hospital by St John Ambulance personnel.

The police and protesters had to stand at a safe distance but away from the Supreme Court gate.

It is not clear where the bees came from.

The bees attacked as the Supreme Court judges delivered the full ruling that nullified August 8 presidential elections.

Before the attack, National Super Alliance supporters were shouting at police on a barricade erected on City Walk Way, just outside International House.

A boda boda rider said there was a bee hive near the Supreme Court that the police and protesters were not aware of.

"These guys protesting did not know there is a bee hive here," he said.


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