Long journey to Lusaka almost ends in a fire disaster

We all forget to put out the candle when we go to sleep and wake up to a burning bathroom full of smoke. We manage to put the fire out, but a new toilet is now required. We are all, however, glad to be alive. PHOTO | FILE

What you need to know:

  • Getting into Chipata fills me with nostalgia for old music and suddenly dude and I are singing out that old Anna Mwale hit lustfully, “from Chipata, into Zambia ekescuse me …mama Mwale.” Fortuantely for us, after all these years, the heir no longer gets embarrassed and just looks at us, laughs and wants to know what song it is.
  • We finally arrive in Lusaka in the evening after a whole day on the road. From the bus park, we take a cab to my filmmaker friend and younger sister, Jessie, who will be hosting us for the next few days. Load-shedding is currently in effect so the power is out when we get there. We are starving but Jessie informs us power will return at 9pm, so we have to grin and bear our hunger for an hour while we wait.

We enter Zambia through the Chipata border post. Perhaps as testament to the porous borders, the conductor of the bus, as we approach the border yells out, “We are approaching the border. Please take out your passport, ID or voter’s card for inspection.” The border officials clearly know that not everyone who will be crossing from one country to the other is necessarily a passport holder. We get our exit stamps and walk across to get our entry stamps in to Zambia.


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