New writers should learn never to walk in anyone’s shadow

But I do not think that person has to be an established writer holding the hand of a younger writer and giving them direction. The adverse of course is when established writers believe that good writing ended with their generation and fail to read any of the works that came after them. PHOTO | FILE

What you need to know:

  • But a writer is in danger of destroying what talent they have when they join the cult of the personality by exhorting any one writer above themselves and their work, although a nod can be given for what may have been learnt. 
  • I reminded him of a book we both read. The writer clearly admired a certain writer who writes her prose very poetically. And they had tried to mimic their hero with the early part of the book.
  • Nairobi has a unique project that allows the type of feedback my friend asked for. It’s called the AMKA Writing  Workshop and happens monthly at the Goethe Institut.

As this week started winding down, a young writer friend sent me a message wondering how he could get a writer to be his mentor.


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