Two nations and how Zimbabwe and Kenya became one people

Robert Mugabe (right) and Joice Mujuru at the ruling ZANU-PF party headquarters in Harare on October 24, 2014. There are the obvious political things of course. Like the independent parties of both countries having similar acronyms with the only difference being that their first letters are also those of the different countries so KANU becomes ZANU in Zimbabwe. There is also the fact that the founding President of Kenya died while still governing and the possibility that the founding President of Zimbabwe looks set for something similar. PHOTO | FILE

What you need to know:

  • Kenya has a senator who comes to the rescue whenever things go awry or to gift the national rugby team when it has won. Zimbabwe has a young man called Sir Wicknell who comes to the rescue when all is not well for some member of community or to give performance bonuses to the national football team.
  • In the new gospel in both countries, the pastors guarantee that with purchased miracle water or oil, a worthy contribution and most of all, faith, one can get a job, a spouse or that house or car. 

I first came to Kenya during the Christmas holiday season in 2008 to visit a friend. In the two weeks that I was here, much fun was had by both of us as her son and mine bonded and her family took me in like one of their own.


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