WANNER: Revelations in a literary city far from my home

Zukiswa Wanner is a South African journalist and novelist currently living in Nairobi. Photo/FILE

What you need to know:

  • The Cat Café, where lonely people come and stroke cats for some time, may deceive you that you are in a rich country but one should not be deceived. This is for the very few.
  • The rest of the people probably feel the way we do and chase cats away when we are at our favourite nyama choma joints.
  • In fact, in a lot of ways, Lviv is very much a city in a developing world as the Soviet era trams, which run on electricity, show.

My late father studied in Eastern Europe. The father of a character in my current work-in-progress studied in Eastern Europe, so an invitation to Eastern Europe was always going to be welcome.


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