Love in a time of ethnic and racial divide in the world

Ms Shelina Shariff-Zia, a journalist-turned university lecturer in the US, is the author of Nairobi Days( pictured on the right). CORRESPONDENT | NATION

What you need to know:

  • Shaza, the heroine, keeps a pregnant Aliana company while they wait for news.
  • To distract her she tells her the story of her life in Kenya. Thus the author skillfully mixes fiction with real life events interspersing CNN accounts with phone calls about Raheel.
  • The suspense builds up alongside the main story as we wonder if he will survive the terrorist attack.
  • Shaza, is born roughly a year to  Kenya’s independence and her journey and experience is intertwined with that of this East African country that had just dethroned the British as her colonial master. 

Nairobi Days is an enthralling story told through the eyes of a Nairobi-born, Ismaili Shia Muslim woman with ancestral roots in Gujarat, India.


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