I like to think of myself as the Tsar of Sentences

Tony Mochama, One of the country’s finest young writers discusses his work and reveals how personal tragedy fertilised his mind. PHOTO/EMMA NZIOKA

What you need to know:

  • It’s just that, for a lot of folk, they let that child-like wonder and awe of the world go to seed, in the name of the phrase: “This is the real world.”
  • But know this — the quality of one’s writing is directly related to the amount of time one expends in reading. There is no short cut to that.
  • Kenya is a good country to be a writer at this moment of time and history.

    Just think of everything that has gone down in 2013 — the elections, ICC cases, Westgate, fake pastors, bus crashes, train wrecks — one cannot say there is a shortage of creative inspiration in this nation.

The stock answer I give to every aspiring writer who asks the proverbial question: Are writers born? Or are they made? is: “Every really good writer needs an early tragedy and a slightly malfunctioning childhood to fire up their inner imagination.”


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