Of ‘Ms President’ and the demand for emancipation

What you need to know:

  • The sad reality is that every time we deny a woman a deserved chance, or chauvinistically sabotage her effort, we drag our country a step back from its development.

  • Fortunately, most people of right mind and right thinking, including my fellow men, are increasingly realising that holding women back is not only undesirable but also untenable.

  • Thus, the emancipation, enabling and empowerment of women becomes a necessary requirement for our development, indeed a demand, as the sisters of the Embrace grouping have made it.

“You cannot walk properly on one foot, however strong it is,” said my long-time Kenyatta University colleague and friend, David Mulwa, recently. He was chatting with a young visiting scholar and mutual friend of ours, Dr Sylvester Danson Kahyana, from Makerere.


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