A touch of Morocco in works of art

The works of art by Kenyan-based Moroccan artist Adil Roufi. Roufi considers himself an African albeit a North African who has travelled and shown his art all over the world, but claims he never wants to live anywhere else but in this region. Photo/MARGARETTA WA GACHERU

What you need to know:

  • He not only speaks the language, but also writes and reconfigures into amazingly intricate arabesque abstract and figurative works of fine art.
  • Beside Arabic, cosmopolitan Roufi speaks Spanish, French, English and Kiswahili, among others.
  • The calligraphy was all in Arabic, drawn mainly in the so-called Maghrib style, which Roufi says is unique to North Africa.

Adil Roufi is in love with his culture, and especially with his mother tongue, Arabic.


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