TECH BREAK: Can the Pinebook Pro Linux deliver where others fail?

Pinebook is marketed as a tinkerer’s laptop, but, it is, in every sense, a fully working laptop, and by the looks of it, the best contender available to Chromebooks. PHOTO| FOTOSEARCH

What you need to know:

  • The Pinebook Pro Linux is the next level from the original Pinebook, and by the look of things, it is going to be a brilliant machine to own.
  • Pine have collaborated with a number of developers and you will get to choose between Armbian, FreeBSD, KDE Neon, Netrunner, Manjaro, NetBSD Q4OS and DietPi.
  • As far as laptops go, this will offer the best value for money, costing around Sh20,000 for the base package.

When everything went online, the need to have an all-powerful computer was no longer that urgent. Today, we can do everything online - from writing, to picture editing, to entertainment and much more.


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