Sarahah: Our experience with this app

Sarahah, an app that allows one to send messages anonymously, has prompted many to label it a cyberbullying platform. PHOTO| FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP

What you need to know:

  • Created last year by a Saudi programmer, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the aim was to give disgruntled employees a platform on which they could offer their bosses feedback with no fear of retribution.
  • Once you sign up for the app, anyone, even those who haven’t signed up, can send you anonymous messages. All they need is a link to your profile.
  • When I saw numerous tweets of people sharing their Sarahah profiles on Twitter over the last two weeks, it piqued my curiosity.
  • I have been unwell for the last three months, yet someone told me through Sarahah that it was a publicity stunt to get attention.
  • This experience taught me that people reveal the ugliest versions of themselves when they hide behind a mask.
  • I figured that it was an app that our company would benefit from, since it would allow our target audience to give us honest feedback.

Back in primary and secondary school, when an admirer, (or adversary) lacked the courage to openly say what they thought about you, they wrote it on the washroom walls, where you, and the entire school, could read it.


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