Finger-licking vegetarian delights at Nairobi’s Haandi

Vegetable curry, scones and onions. PHOTO| EATOUT

What you need to know:

  • I should also say it was that very first assignment that pricked my conscience, more starkly than ever since, knowing that I was living in incredible luxury in a place like the Lake Palace Hotel, while the people I was supposed to be helping were living in squalor.
  • Each day I was rowed in a gondola to where my young Indian colleague was waiting for me on the shore. He had a law degree, but he had chosen to live and work among the poor.

Like a true fox, I am a carnivore. But a long time ago, I learnt that vegetarian food need not be dull and boring. It was my first consultancy visit to India and I was staying at Lodhi Hotel in Delhi. The hotel had what was said to be the best vegetarian restaurant in the city.


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