Genuine or fake designer wear?

A Chinese shopkeeper arranges clothes next to fake FIFA football jerseys at a stall in a market that sells a lot of counterfeit merchandise in Shanghai on September 3, 2010. The European Union was pressing China on September 3 to back up words with actions and do more to stem the flood of counterfeit goods flowing into Europe and countries around the world. PHOTO | AFP


What you need to know:

  • Knock offs and counterfeits are now sold globally and blatantly, online. Gucci sued Alibaba for making counterfeits accessible. The latter were also sued by Puma and Yves Saint Laurent. Alibaba promised to pull counterfeits off their site.
  • But how would you know the real deal? Enough vloggers/bloggers will show you. Genuine Christian Louboutins for instance cost an upward of $400 (Sh4,000) depending on the style and year. In Kenya they go for as little as Sh1,500.
  • Astonishingly Women’s Wear Daily published “The Benefits of Counterfeit Competition.” Turns out studying 31 brands doing business in China for 10 years revealed too much counterfeiting forces brands to re-evaluate and differentiate.

Do you own something by a famous designer? How sure are you it is original? The first test is assuming cost. The more expensive, the more presumably genuine. Not true. Just to clarify.


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