Get it right: Best way to cleanse your face

Muslin cloth is getting all kinds of praise as an exfoliate while showing proof the traditional way of cleansing does not work. PHOTO| FILE

What you need to know:

  • First you massage with cleansing oil. All kinds of oils from special cleansing unguents to extra virgin olive and coconut oil, sweet almond to jojoba oil have been named as cleansers.
  • This massage is extensive, cutting across the entire face and including the eyes because nothing removes stubborn eye makeup like oil. This is followed with a lighter, gentler cleanser.
  • Or, you could use micellar water an equally growing trend, to swipe the face clean.
  • Another take on double cleansing involves buying a stack of muslin cloth or bamboo if that is your thing.

As a rule I avoid listicles. They are fun but your way is not my way. Despite my aversion, I kept coming up against literature about how women have been washing their faces wrong, clean enough, with the right water temperature and bad combination of hand and finger rotation, never mind soap that ought to be the aristocrat of cleansers.


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