DADDY DIARIES: Who said men can't multitask?

Somehow, his demands are met, meals are prepared on time, the house is kept clean and I am still able to work, write and review books, push client products in the market and still deliver Daddy Diaries every week. ILLUSTRATION | IGAH

What you need to know:

  • I am here to burst that bubble; IT'S A LIE OOH!
  • Having singlehandedly raised a boy from the age of one, I can, without batting an eyelid, confirm that men who tell you their brain is not wired for multitasking are just mansplaining
  • Men have basically held onto that narrative, like a dying man clutching at a straw, and continued to use it to their advantage so that they are not given too many roles in households

One of the most widely sold belief the world over is that women can comfortably multitask, but that the male brain struggles to switch between more than one task simultaneously.
Like it is with every theory, there is always a clique of people with evidence both for and against, sometimes leaving us wondering which side of the scientific divide to believe.


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