As men live for the moment, women are snapping up houses

The Kikuyu Road Apartments where friends Christine Muvea, Diana Muthoni, Naomi Gitau and Rincy Maina now each own a two-bedroom apartment bought off-plan. PHOTO | DELPHIN MUGO

What you need to know:

  • Are women more interested in property than men? Where are young men when their female counterparts are saving so hard to invest in homes? And why didn’t the four young women draw in their male friends when they started the investment journey about two years ago?
  • Men don’t like such arrangements. They want to have the whole amount, pay it, and forget about that investment, unlike women, who are willing to accumulate money in small chunks.
  • In the African setting, the man, not the woman, is expected to save in order to build a house for his future family. But from the foregoing, it appears that roles are changing and women are not sitting back waiting for a man to build them a house.

On Saturday, May 13, the usually quiet, rustic Mithonge Township in Kikuyu came to life as the residents welcomed their newest neighbours.


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