When all else fails, why not start your own book publishing firm?

Mr David Waweru, the Chief Executive Officer, Word Alive Publishers. Photo/LIZ MUTHONI

What you need to know:

  • The reality is that in monetary terms, publishing is closer to the cathedral than it is to the stock exchange.

  • Publishing is an extremely tough business to sustain especially in the context of not having a very well developed reading culture, and where average profits are, at best, small and the returns slow.

  • So long as only a few daring souls recognise the importance of a grand strategy for book development and, therefore, place the wider national good above immediate profit considerations, there will continue to be a bottleneck at the publishing stage.

Business is about solving social problems profitably. This being so, one would expect that in an area where so many people identify gaps that they allege to have solutions to, they would also see the business opportunity.


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