Obesity is on the rise  in urban areas

Women wait in line to enter the Fat Girl flea market in New York April 4, 2009. Urban residents are eating more fast food than ever. Junk food from up market fast food restaurants has become a status symbol for most us. PHOTO | FILE

What you need to know:

  • Clinician Nancy Kithome informs that a person’s body fat tends to increase with age, while muscle mass decreases — a change that may not be reflected in a corresponding change in BMI.
  • Pamela Adhiambo, a manager at a city bank is a worried mother. Her two daughters outweigh her by 38 kilograms. She explains that most of the time, her colleagues think they are her sisters.
  • Traditionally, being overweight was seen as a sign of prosperity. But with time, even the low income consumers have developed a taste for Western-style fast food and have been trapped into the weight issues.

Dennis Mworia is a Form Three student at Thika High School, he weighs 111kg. His mother, who has taken part in a slimming programme on TV, weighs 147 kilograms. His father, a contractor has diabetes and weighs more than 130kg.


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