The ‘50 Memos to Men’ that women, too, should read

50 Memos to Men

Cover of the book '50 Memos to Men' by Silas Nyanchwani. 

Photo credit: Pool

What you need to know:

  • The book is really a series of anecdotes of life experiences prefaced with or followed by a pithy advisory note.
  • 50 Memos to Men is part of a genre of writing that has become popular among the millennials.

Apparently the chairman of the ‘National Welfare Desk of Men’ has just published 50 memos addressed to Kenyans. 50 Memos to Men by Silas Nyanchwani (Gram Books, 2021) was published in August, I guess to help men see 2021 to the end. It has been a difficult year, no doubt.


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