Reverend who went back to African religious roots

Rev Kamau wa Macharia

Rev Kamau wa Macharia, formerly of the PCEA. He has embraced the African Traditional Religion.

Photo credit: Pool

What you need to know:

  • Former PCEA minister has put down his experiences in an extraordinary book that will definitely ruffle feathers among his peers.
  • He writes that there is no real proof that Jesus Christ could have been the son of God and a man born of a woman from the lineage of King David at the same time.

For a man who claims to have renounced his faith in the Christian religion, the Rev Kamau wa Macharia sure knows his Bible. He does not have many positive things to say about Islam either, the other major religion imposed on Africans. Instead, he embraces the African Traditional Religion which has been deliberately suppressed by practitioners of both faiths.


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