Jennifer Makumbi on identity and how to write about home

Ugandan writer Jennifer Makumbi Nansubuga, author of 'Manchester Happened' during a recent literary event in Kampala, Uganda. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • The stories in the collection are all inspired by me moving from Uganda and settling in Britain.
  • In the first story, you find the children taking on a parent relationship and being protective of their parents.

On the early morning that I interview Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi about her latest book, Kampala is rainy and wet but it instantly gets warmer when Makumbi walks smilingly into the hotel lobby. Clad in a sleeveless cream top and flowered slacks, she could easily pass for a holiday maker, but I am hardly fooled, for I have read her award-winning debut novel Kintu and I am well aware that I am in the presence of one of East Africa’s finest writers.


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