Delongeur leaves Bilenge Musica band to form his own group

Zeget De longeur

 Musician Zeget De longeur poses for a photo after the interview at Nation Center, Nairobi on January 4, 2022. 

Photo credit: Lucy Wanjiru | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Popularly known as Master Voice, Delongeur is not new to Nairobians.
  • Delongeur has had an opportunity to collaborate with many talents from DRC and other countries.

He grew up in Kinshasa singing and dancing from a very young age. Today, Zeget Delongeur, 38, is among musicians of his generation on the rise.

The talented artiste went viral on YouTube when he recently announced that he was parting ways with Bilenge Musica Du Congo band.

Popularly known as Master Voice, Delongeur is not new to Nairobians who throng Dream Village in South B among other joints including Treasure Garden in Kilimani.

The Congolese singer has a striking stage presence, and when he released his first song, Shika Simu, music fans concurred.

Delongeur, who started music at age seven at the Apostolic Church in Kinshasa, has left Bilenge to form his own group.

He was noticed at age 15 while teaming up with estate performing groups during the Premus Music Promotion Projects in DRC, at the time a new generation of stars was on the rise in Kishasa.

He is a founder member of Etoil Dengaaba, playing alongside Soleil Wanga in 2006 before he was brought to Nairobi by Rhumba Japan member Bagouin Isange in 2009, and when his first song hit the Kenyan music scene, he has been on the rise.

Newly formed band

Delongeur has had an opportunity to collaborate with many talents from DRC and other countries.

He stayed with Rhumba Japan for one year and six months before joining Darzee Kalend to form Bilenge Du Congo in 2011.

At Bilenge, the artiste, who is the founder and leader of Fusion Music Star, composed and sung Shika Simu and Mbongo hits.

Delongeur's one-month-old band is currently performing at RP Sports Club, next to Wallet Club in Utawala, Nairobi.

Out of the 12 members of the newly formed group, 10 are new in Kenya, having arrived directly from Kinshasa.

“I’ve accumulated a lot in my head, which shows through the way I think, live, and create music, but the people made me. I can never forget that,” Delongeur said.

“I left Bilenge willingly to form my own band because I want to grow like many other young musicians. I have no grudge with Darzee, but I have decided to start a new life in music,” said Delongeur who is arguably the best 1st voice vocalist among the Congolese who stay in Kenya.

“I thank the RP Sports club owner for buying me a full set of instruments to start a band and I will remain grateful to him. Here I’m earning three times what I used to be paid by my previous employer.

Band's new songs

“We are currently in training to start releasing new songs. My first song with my new group is Elengi, meaning sweetness,” said Delongeur who hails from Bandundu Province that produced the likes of Pepe Ndombe Opetum, Werra Son, Reddy Amisi and Tabu Ley Rochereau, among others.

Delongeur, whose idols include Carlyto Lassa, Ferre Gola and Debaba intends to have a very strong band.

“It’s about knowing what type of legacy I want to leave 20 years from now. I think several years from now we will see the legacy more clearly,” explained the gifted singer married with two children.

“I don’t want to lie to myself or others. I’m still working hard to get better, I want to be myself - but a better version, always. This is my way of life,” said Delongeur. He appreciates Bilenge band leader Darzee for helping young musicians to grow.

He said the Congolese singer-songwriter Darzee, who was born and raised in Lubumbashi, a city in the south Eastern part of the DRC and the second-largest in the country, would go a long way to ensure there was continuity in the broad arts sphere, urging other established artists to use their vast experience to help young talent talent to thrive.

Kalend was with Bilenge Musica of vocalist Lesasa Jacker together with lead guitarist Bobo Sukari among others before he left to form Bilenge Musica Du Congo.

In the song Bilenge Musica, they praise one another while in Wazazi Wangu, they talk about the good upbringing they got from their parents.


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