Culture and the challenge of the grasshopper ‘dudupreneur’


A serving of 'chapulines' (grasshoppers) flamed in mezcal and parsley.

Photo credit: File | AFP

What you need to know:

  • Eating grasshoppers, termites, caterpillars, snails, frogs or dogs may be common ways in which some given societies live their lives.
  • Members of these societies, however, would not necessarily take kindly to having grasshoppers sold and crunched aboard international flights.

In Kiswahili, we call entrepreneurs wajasiriamali. The label, built on the root “jasiri”, suggests a kind of daring courage, ready and willing to stake one’s resources on the prospects of making a profit. This is what came to my mind as I watched the widely circulated video of a guy hawking grasshoppers (senene) on an international flight from Entebbe to Dubai.


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