All set for Miss RD Congo USA event in Dallas

Lesli Itansi, Keren Ngalula, Jewinne Tshibola,

From left: Congolese models Lesli Itansi, Keren Ngalula, Jewinne Tshibola, Chloe Kanda, Aguilera Mundobo and Candice. They will take part in the  "Miss RD Congo USA" on October 22 in Dallas, Texas. 

Photo credit: Pool

A special event to incorporate some of the top Congolese models in the USA dubbed "Miss RD Congo USA": is set to be held on October 22 in Dallas, Texas. 

The highlight of the show will be special performances by top Kinshasa- based musician Felix Wazekwa alongside members of the L’Orchestre Afrisa International band. 

Speaking to Saturday Nation yesterday, Mekanisi Modero, band leader of the Africa International group said they felt honoured to be part of those who had been invited to perform at the event. 

“ We are looking forward to performing and interacting with not only Congolese nationals living in the USA but also other Africans nationals. ”, he said. 

With the scores of other artistes and beauty pageants expected at the show, it will no doubt be an opportunity for them to showcase some of their popular songs. 

The Afrisa band which was formed by the legendary Tabu Ley Rochereau has some of its former members based in the US. 

 Among those expected to perform alongside Mekanisi at the event will be veteran solo guitarist Huit Kilos, singer Wawali Bonane, bass guitarist Douglas Kib Misapi and drummer Parigo Asuka. 

As Mekanisi pointed out they are looking forward to incorporating some other guest artistes during the show.

Congolese Musician Felix Wazekwa

Congolese Musician Felix Wazekwa addressing journalists at Silversprings Hotel in Nairobi on July 18, 2017.

Photo credit: Evans Habil | Nation Media Group

The group is famous for some of Tabu ley’s compositions like Maze, Muzina’ and Sorozo. Most of the former band remained to settle in the USA after Tabu Ley returned to DR Congo in the late 1990s. The renowned singer and composer who died in Belgium in November 2013, was arguably one of the best Congolese singers. During their heydays back home in DR Congo, the Afrisa group rivalled in popularity with the legendary Franco Luambo Makiadi’s TP OK Jazz band.

As for Wazekwa who will be making his debut performance in Dallas next month, he is known for some of his songs like Leopards Fimbu na Fimbu, Strategie and Motema Mabe. Back home in DR Congo, he is also reputed as one of the best composers and dance choreographers with his backup group. 

Meanwhile Ms Christelle Luyeye, the event coordinator of the forthcoming “Miss RD Congo USA”| said she was expecting over 15 top Congolese models to take part in the beauty pageant and fashion show. Similarly, as she pointed out the first two editions of the event were held in Washington DC.

As a media practitioner, she has also been involved in radio and TV productions both in the USA and back home in DR Congo. 

“The event seeks to empower young strong Congolese women with their goals ranging from education, Congolese culture through leadership and service”, she said. 

Among those also expected at the show will be Aziza Ogola, a Kenyan-born resident of Dallas who as Christelle pointed out was among those at the forefront of promoting African culture and food in the city. For details email [email protected] and