‘Thursdays’: One more delectable gem for readers from Jackson Biko

Jackson Biko Thursdays

The cover of Jackson Biko's latest book, Thursdays.

Photo credit: Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Title: Thursdays
  • Publisher: Bikozulu Creative Agency
  • Author: Jackson Biko
  • Available at: All leading book stores (Sh 1,000)
  • Reviewer: Rumona Apiyo

This time round, I wanted to be among the first to read Jackson Biko’s book. And yes, it took me four hours to get it done and dusted. 

Greetings from Biko, he says this book is dedicated to everybody who kept texting, WhatsApping, emailing him, and asking the frustrating and annoying question, Biko, kwani when will you release your second book? 

By the way, stop pressurising authors, we are still trying to serenade some of you to read Kenyan content.

I personally think that this book is dedicated to all creatives, those who believe they are good musicians, poets, artists, actors, photographers and writers. Your struggle is always underrated.

Biko is among the few who understands your dreams and aspirations.

Thursdays is a depiction of just how people like Ruto — the boss — do not respect creatives. What people do not know is that these creatives pour out their hearts to the gigs they are called to. They are committed, never showing up late.

Like Drunk, this book just ends like that. It is a slow burn, the first few pages of the book made me start wondering, what is this all about? I found some characters such as the two daughters of the rich man, the Pakistanis or Hindus are simply by standers that did not have to be mentioned.

The language is simple, the Kenyan English that is co-mingled with Swahili words. I just felt a bit hurt when Biko said people of Siaya do not cook ugali well. Seriously?


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