Koginga beach

Koginga beach in Homa Bay town on January 14, 2021. Dead fish have been spotted in some beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria.

| George Odiwour | Nation Media Group

For our fish, misfortunes never come singly but in battalions

What you need to know:

  • Most of the dead fish found on the Ugandan shores of Lakes Victoria and Kioga, and banks of the Nile are the gigantic mbuta Nile perch.
  • Apart from the sheer shock of discovering the dead fish, the lake-dwellers’ first reaction was suspicion that their scaly treasures had been poisoned. 

“Nyamgondho Wuod (son of) Ombare” is one of Kenya’s best-known oral tales. It is the story of the ungrateful fisherman who starts off destitute, acquires fabulous wealth and then loses it all through his ungratefulness to the wife who had earned it for him.


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