Daddy Owen forgives his wife but not ready to marry again after break-up

Daddy Owen

Owen Mwatia, popularly known as Daddy Owen.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Gospel singer Daddy Owen says he has forgiven his ex-wife Farida Wambui who walked out on him two years ago.

Even then, the Vanity hit-maker who went through a year of trauma following the incident, says he isn’t ready to marry again, at least not now.

Owen says he has since moved on from the traumatic experience.

“As a Christian I forgive everybody no matter how much you wronged me. I will forgive you and move on. On [whether] we can get back together, that’s something I can’t answer,” he says.

Asked whether he is ready to marry again, he said: “At the moment my focus is on other things like helping people living with disabilities. My hands are full at the moment; I guess I will have to wait until when I am ready then I can review the prospects of settling down again.”

Owen and Farida’s break-up shook the industry with the news grabbing headlines and trending for weeks. The two had served couple goals for four years.

Owen and Farida held a lavish wedding in April 2016 after dated for over four years, and had their honeymoon in Belgium.

But the marriage took a hit in January 2020 when it was alleged that Farida was ‘tired of footing the bills’.

At the time there was no steady flow of income for Daddy Owen due to lack of gigs, something made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, Daddy Owen last year revealed that his marriage trouble began just a year after they married. The pandemic only made the situation worse.

Since their break-up, Farida has remained discreet and has never shared her side of the story publicly.


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