Corazon Kwamboka trolled after 'dancing seductively' in a gym

Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Instagram influencer Corazon Kwamboka endured trolling and verbal attacks on Thursday, after posting a video of her dancing in extremely tight and revealing gym clothes at a gym.

“At the gym doing cardio coz the cardio I wanted to do didn’t reply,” Corazon captioned the video in which she danced seductively.

However, her comment section was set ablaze as admirers and critics alike discussed her actions.

While many admired that she could keep fit after having two babies in a span of months, others asked her to behave decently or lose weight while some told her to go back to her baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It—a fitness influencer and instructor.

“Dear Corazon, you are first a loving mother, aunty, professional, intelligent and smart woman. From your outfits, it seems you are fit and healthy. I never want to dog anyone’s hustle on IG but let’s see you in a different light, a professional outfit, gear or dress code and advertising something other than the exterior. Everyone is doing that. Be the different one. One day the body will age but the brains will remain. Value the unseen then the seen will be more valuable. Just my 2 cents,” added Anwandek Wafula.

“So you took cardio to his workplace,” Rara Eisa said in relation to Frankie being a gym rat and the father to her two children after infamously getting together.

“Talk to Frankie directly,” Oga Obinna said.

“Tangu mreconcile na Frank uku gram hatupumui banae,” added Mkoorea.

“Lol. He’s getting tired of you already? He better answer your calls,” said Tree of life integrated 1.

Corazon and Frankie broke up after an infamous whirlwind romance that resulted in them having two children within months of each other. Upon breaking up, Frankie said that Corazon had daddy issues and this strained their relationship.

The two were accused of getting together after Frankie cheated on his first baby mama, Maureen Waititu, with Corazon and went on to make a public spectacle of the drama between them.

Once, Corazon taunted Maureen’s pain but Kenyans online told her that ‘what goes around, comes around’.

However, rumour has it that Frankie and Corazon could have secretly reconciled after recently being photographed together while on vacation in Kisumu City.

This story was first published on Nairobi News