How I overcame marijuana addiction: 'Churchill Show' comedian Jasper Murume

'Churchill Show' comedian Jasper Murume, real name Jasper Muongera Kiautha.

'Churchill Show' comedian Jasper Murume, real name Jasper Muongera Kiautha.

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Comedian Jasper Murume started smoking bhang (marijuana) to fight depression and in the process got addicted to the drug, he has confessed.

The comedian said he fell into depression when the Covid-19 pandemic kicked in and limited platforms where creatives could perform and earn a living.

Speaking on a YouTube channel recently, the former Churchill Show comedian said, “Most people start smoking bhang as a remedy in the hope that it will help them escape the harsh realities of life, which works in the beginning until you get addicted and start overdoing it. That is what I was going through.”

“I knew for a fact that if there was a drug I was not going to quit, it had to be bhang and I used to say that plainly to my brothers. To think that I have been sober for months now without smoking is something I can’t explain. It’s a revival that only God can explain.”

The lanky entertainer says he quit using the drug after realising its effects were short-lived and decided to find a better way of addressing his mental issues.

“I used to suffer from anxiety and it was the only drug that seemed to dilute the situation whenever I smoked. I would feel at peace and calm but sooner than later the anxiety would return,” he said.

Murume added that after struggling with the addiction for a while, he realised that praying and meditation helped him a lot and he gradually reduced the amount of bhang he used until he no longer felt the urge to smoke.

“I stopped through radical change. I made a decision to quit but you just don’t let something go without replacing it. I replaced it with meditation, prayers and understanding the Word of God.”

He says he has been able to redeem himself, turning his art into content creation.

“Stand-up comedy is the most brilliant form of comedy and without the usual platforms I had to adjust to the online audience.”

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