Who said that being single is a plague?

Single women should not be victimized. PHOTO|FOTOSEARCH

What you need to know:

What you need to know:

  • Statistically speaking, women who are unmarried and childfree are the happiest group around. And this isn't to knock anyone who needs a life partner.
  • As human beings (and not animals), we all want love and companionship, and someone to be in our corner

I was reading an interview that VinieO (on Twitter) shared about this man, who is a top business owner and billionaire in the country. In the interview by a local newspaper the conversation turned to marriage, and the man categorically stated that you can't be happy unless you are married. He said that in his culture (Indian), it gives you a certain social status, and it gives you maturity and self-discipline, and the social structure it gives sets you apart from an animal roaming free.


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