These are the signs that your man is not after love but to control you

Wanting to own the object of your love is one of the more evident forms of control which can be mistaken to be love. Photo | Pool | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • According to Bernard Ndung’u, a Nairobi based psychologist, a controlling partner is this way because they feel inadequate as an individual and need to control someone to try and feel less inadequate.
  • Though a possibility, it is not easy to change a controlling personality as this trait is deep running and often has roots in a person’s past.

Whether it is grand gestures like flying her out to an underwater restaurant in Dubai for dinner on her birthday or smaller gestures like sending her to the living room with a glass of red wine as you make her favourite meal, love takes many guises. At a glance, love and control can see like they are on the opposite ends of each other but in a romantic relationship scenario, control can easily be mistaken for love.


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