Someone somewhere is doing a Kenyan woman wrong

Someone somewhere is doing a Kenyan women wrong. Photo | Photosearch

What you need to know:

  • The sex aunty comes to tell you how to please your man – meanwhile, at his bachelor party, no one is telling him how to please you, because men mistakenly assume that they know everything between the sheets

Have you ever been threatened with singlehood? You know, when your visiting aunty asks you if you made the chapatis on the table and you laugh, because you know that you bought those chapatis at your favourite kibanda. Then your aunt gives you a pitying look and says, ‘Your husband will just bring you back to your mother’s house.’ I’ve always wondered why this is such a big threat. I like my mother’s house, for one thing, and we both like the chapos we’re eating, so what’s the problem?


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