Sampling Kilimajaro eatery platter at a cost

Kilimanjaro Restuarant Mixed food platter. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

On their Instagram page, the platter goes for Sh1990, but then the waitress quoted Sh3,400

I’ve always wanted to visit Kilimanjaro Restaurant, particularly for the food platter which always looks so epic every time I see it posted on social media. If the word ‘mathogothiano’ was in the dictionary, this mixed food platter is exactly how I would imagine it to look. I was meeting up with my siblings in the CBD, and my brother kept telling me that they were on the balcony, which is exactly where I was standing, scouting the room, and just couldn’t find them. It was then that I realised I had actually gone to the wrong outlet on Kimathi Street! Goodness…how many restaurants exactly do these guys have in the CBD?

The restaurant is really clean and well organised. We decided to sit upstairs and got a booth by the door. If you’re looking for a place to have a polite business meeting in the CBD or dine as a bigger group, I would suggest considering this spot. When a waitress handed us a menu, I already knew what I wanted to order, but alas! The mixed food platter is actually not on the menu!

Turns out, you actually negotiate with the waitress once you arrive. I was taken aback by this since I had seen on their Instagram page that you could get a platter for four people at Sh1990, but then the waitress quoted Sh3,400. Flabbergasted, a word I haven’t used since high school composition, explains exactly how I felt. I was able to bargain this way below that initial price by pulling up the Instagram page, but even then, I had to negotiate over what food items would be included. Kilimanjaro could just save customers the hustle by having a standard menu in all their restaurants. The food, when it came, was incredible! Our sinia had chips, chapati, biryani, guac, chicken, grilled beef ribs, and goat stew, and the three of us struggled to even finish it. 

The items on the menu are generally fairly priced. There are sandwiches, soups, an entire full-page breakfast section (the house special, for instance, goes for Sh530 and includes two eggs, salsa, steak, home fries, and toast served with tea, coffee, or fresh juice. Talk about hearty.) The mocktails average Sh320 and as someone who goes to a lot of restaurants in Westlands, Kilimani and Lavington, I was pleasantly surprised. I was starting to forget that such prices actually exist in Nairobi, in which case, CBD is the place to go. They also have various Somali dishes on the menu, which makes sense given its proximity to Jamia Mall, and I the restaurant being Somali-owned. There is an Indian section as well, and an array of sizzling meals, pizzas, and mains to choose from. 


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