Relationships: Why women love and lust after unavailable men

On a deeper level, we believe that we don’t deserve the love we really want, or that we can’t have it. Photo | Pool | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • When a man is able and willing to be wholly in a relationship, he makes an effort to keep the communication lines open.
  • Mr Unavailable on the other hand tends to have periods when he vanishes and then resurfaces without any explanations.
  • Be wary of the man who mainly relies on technology with text messaging, emails and wall posts being his major forms of communication.

32-year-old Titus Munalo is puzzled by the sudden show of interest from a woman he has chased for years. For the longest time, even when he was seeing other women, he tried his luck with her. She turned him down every time down and he concluded that she was out of his league.


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