My sister is jealous of my thriving relationship

What you need to know:

What you need to know:

  • Your relationship with your sister seems to have been fine until recently, which means there must be underlying reasons that have caused the drift
  • Break down the things that go wrong in your relationship and come up with the actions to take

Q: I have a big problem with my sister as she shouts at me and accuses me of many things. She has become so sensitive to small things. She lost her job after the Covid-19 outbreak and also broke up with her boyfriend. She is jealous of me because my relationship with my guy is moving on well. I love my sister but she has become too much for me. Last week, I came home and she was very moody. I told her my friends to feel for her after her boyfriend left and she was so mad with me. I hate going home to meet her. Please help me.


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