My fiancé says she loves me but keeps cheating on me

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What you need to know:

  • The unfortunate thing with relationships is that each party has interests and desires that may not align with the other.

  • She may love you but is sexually attracted to another man.

  • These scenarios do occur and it is wise to go with your gut feeling.

I’m aged 30 and have dated my girlfriend for four years now. Within the first two years of dating, she cheated on me with the choir leader. I caught her red handed kissing the guy, and this caused me to put our wedding plans on hold. I felt lost but she begged me to forgive her. I eventually did, but I came to realise she was still cheating on me with the same person. She tells me she still wants to get married to me, and I still love her, but I want to part ways with her. What should I do?


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