FOC Book Club

Esther Salmon, Fountains of Christ Ministries (FOC) Book club chairperson and a Bachelor of Science (genomic science) graduand. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

Name: Esther Salmon, Fountains of Christ Ministries (FOC) Bookclub chairperson and a Bachelor of Science (genomic science) graduand

I grew up under the wings of two parents who are book lovers and were intent on inculcating a reading culture in me. I remember getting books for birthday presents and reading them while other children were out playing.

 I found purpose in books and I realised that reading made me a better speaker, and writer and was a great resource for vocabulary. I recall reading books such as Desire of Ages by Ellen G White. If I wasn’t getting a book for a gift, I’d get them from the school’s library. My favourite so far is Education by the same author. It covers many aspects of a person’s growth—a person who is not only knowledgeable but also has good values.

 I read spiritual, poetry, and self-help books. I have found meaning in Christ and believing in Him has changed my perspective of many things so I prefer spiritual books because they help me grow in Christ and give me a better perspective of life and maneuver life whilst at peace.

I joined FOC in 2014 and I have been a member since. I decided to join because we share common interests, we are able to encourage one another, empower us at a corporate level and most importantly, make us accountable to one another. I think as a reader, it is critical that you belong to a book club.

We are 104 members and we have monthly virtual meetings for reviews. We give members an opportunity to make suggestions then we vote. The considerations that we make are books that help us grow spiritually and holistically.

 Our current read is Touched with Our Feelings by J. R. Zurcher. It talks about Jesus being able to relate with us as human beings. It encourages people to keep trusting in God and not to despair. 


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