Eating out: New Afro-asian menu for your Nyama delights

Fried matumbo bao and barbeque chicken at Nyama Mama Xpress. 

Photo credit: Madame Connoisseuse | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • The first dish that caught my eye was a fried matumbo bao. Say what?
  • Bao is a soft steamed yeast-leavened stuffed bun that's typically filled with a pork mixture in countries such as China.
  • To fill one with matumbo and make it familiar to a Kenyan customer while still introducing them to new cuisine is very clever.

Who remembers when Nyama Mama opened their first branch in Nairobi and had all the foodies talking about their ugali fries? I've been meaning to make some for my grandma just to see how she takes to them. Known for their innovativeness in the kitchen, when I heard that Nyama Mama has launched a menu which combines African dishes with Asian street food, I was instantly curious and went online to look up their menu.


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