EATING OUT :More misses than hits, still it’s Texas Burger for the win

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What you need to know:

  • The Texas Burger should be the restaurant’s Crazy Monday burger deal.
  • The chicken dishes were disappointing and we should have all just ordered the Texas Burger

There are those days when you just want a big, fat, juicy burger; thick, crispy fries, and a full cream milkshake to wash it all down. Last week Thursday was one of those days and because I needed to pick a couple of things from Westgate Mall and my nephew hasn’t stopped raving about their Texas Burger since last year, I stopped by.

The restaurant has a football Sunday afternoon vibe with huge TV monitors and it was easy to imagine it as a filming location for a World Cup beer commercial. It’s like a sports bar, but family friendly. The kind of place that would do well as a neighbourhood local as opposed to being part of a food court in a mall.


On a Thursday lunch hour, the restaurant wasn’t even at one-third capacity. Other than our table of three, there was a family of four, and a young woman working away on her laptop. The service was prompt with our order taken within two minutes of our being seated and the food arriving in less than 30 minutes from the time of order. The restaurant was also Covid-compliant, with a handwashing station at the entrance and all waitstaff wearing their masks properly.

Even though it was the Texas Burger that brought my nephews and I to Urban, we ordered three different dishes to get a feel of the menu. We ordered the Crunchy Schnitzel, the Crunchy Chicken Burger, and the Texas Burger. And of course, the Urban milkshake to wash it all down. Other than burgers, there’s chicken wings, Fish ‘n’ Chips, beef ribs, and two options for veggie burgers – falafel and soya bean.

Chicken Dishes

The chicken dishes were disappointing and we should have all just ordered the Texas Burger. A lingering taste of fish cut through the batter-fried chicken of the Crunchy Schnitzel and the mozzarella cheese topping looked more like melted butter. There was supposed to be spicy tomato sauce accompanying the mozzarella topping as indicated in the menu, but that was missing. The Crunchy chicken fared just as well as the schnitzel because it was probably fried in the same oil. The burger was messing to eat and needed a side of mayonnaise to lift the flavour and hold the burger together.

The Texas Burger was the clear winner, and a classic favourite for a reason. Made with prime beef, crispy bacon, fried egg, and barbecue sauce, it had the best of breakfast and barbecue flavours in one sandwich with the brilliant touch of the fried egg. This is the burger I would choose for the restaurant’s Crazy Monday burger deal.

Unfortunately, the Urban milkshake was another letdown. The flavour was thin and too sweet, like there wasn’t enough cream in it to give it depth.


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