Don’t judge that man who chooses not to see his family during holidays

Some men would rather stay away from their toxic families . Photo | Photosearch

What you need to know:

  • Just because I come from a family that supports me doesn’t mean many others out there do
  • Some men have grown up in houses where they were abandoned, abused or humiliated

If there is anything to love most about this season is how we wrap it with positive vibes. We want to talk about how we have conquered the vicissitudes of life, the new recipes we will be trying and the Christmas décor that we can't wait to put up. After last week’s topic on teetotalers and their troubles amongst drinkers, I felt compelled to talk about adults’ estrangement with their parents. Because you will see them and ask, “hujaenda kuona wazazi hii Christmas pia?” (You have not gone to visit your parents in yet another Christmas season?)


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