Affordable fun places for a date in Nairobi

 Revellers learning and enjoying Kizomba are Artcaffe Britam in Upperhill. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

Because love doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

Let’s face it, fancy dinners, concerts, and getaways are expensive. These are hard times where every coin counts. We would all love to be able to splash out big on every date, but unfortunately, that's just not the lifestyle most of us can afford to live—at least not at the moment. But you shouldn't have to choose between wooing that breathtaking person of your dreams (or even just the beauty of the moment from Tinder) and paying rent. That's where affordable date planning comes into play.

Pocket-friendly dates aren't just for people in those early stages of relationships. Long-term couples still need a steady supply of good date night options, especially if they're sticking to a budget or just not into over-the-top dinners.

Love can be brewed anywhere and it doesn’t have to cause you financial stress. Apart from going to the usual places such as Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Centre, Arboretum, ice skating, bowling, zip lining, and GP karting, below is a list of fun, interesting, and affordable places to go for a date in Nairobi.

Maji Magic Aqua Park

Located at the waterfront Mall in Karen, this is Africa’s first ever waterpark made up of a collection of inflatable slides, trampolines, jumping pillows, and bouncers all connected and floating on the manmade lake. You can experience kayaking, blaster boast, and stand-up paddle boarding. It is a great way to get in shape, get wet and wild and also compete with your partner. The charges are Sh2,000 per hour or more depending on the day.

Nyumba Cinema

The beautiful Nyumba Cinema theatre at Rosslyn Riviera Mall. Photo | Pool

Nyumba cinema is one of the most intimate and cozy theatres you can go to in Nairobi. It is located on the third floor of Rosslyn Riviera Mall on Limuru road and you can rent out the whole theatre for just Sh2500 per hour and watch any movie you like with your loved one. The theatre can accommodate up to 15 people and the price is still the same. Another highlight is you can bring your food and drinks at no fee and they will give you unlimited popcorn for your entire stay.

High Tea at Cocoa Café

When was the last time you went on a breakfast date? Cocoa Café at Alta Towers opposite Yaya Centre is a great spot for trying a high tea affair at the most affordable price of Sh1,500 for two people. The high tea comes with four savory items such as mini burgers, mini sandwiches, and swiss rolls, four sweet items (cakes and mousse), and two drinks; either tea, coffee, or juices. The décor in this restaurant will have you going back for more.

Shoot your shot at KRRC

Ever wanted to feel like you are in an action movie? (KRRC) Kenya Regiment Rifle Club is the place to be. This shooting range located in Sailing Club Langata offers modern, indoor spaces suited with a variety of firearms to try out. It is open to members and the general public at a fee of Sh2,000 which covers the firearm, protective ear, and eye covers, and another Sh2,500 for 50 rounds of ammunition which you can share. You don’t have to know how to shoot a gun for you to participate as there are trainers to guide you through.

Sky biking at Burudani gardens and Nkasiri Adventure Park

One of the high rope challenges at Nkasiri Adventure Park, Kitengela. Photo | Pool

For a short, thrilling, and adrenaline-filled getaway from Nairobi, these two places are the most ideal locations to visit. Nkasiri is located in Kitengela while Burudani is located in Limuru. Both places offer high rope challenges with sky biking being the climax. Sky biking involves a participant riding a bike across an elevated rope while bound by a safety harness. Burudani charges Sh1,000 while Nkasiri charges Sh2,500 for all their three high rope challenges.

Kizomba at Artcaffe, Britram

To spice up your typical dinner and drinks date, add some activity to it such as a Kizomba dance. Artcaffe Britam in Upperhill has a free weekly” kizomba after work” theme whereby you can learn Kizomba under the starry lights with amazing dance enthusiasts. They also have discounted prices on their meals and happy hour all through the night. 

Sip and paint 

Nairobi’s art scene is flourishing! Sip and paint events happen bi-monthly whereby you and your partner can nurture your creativity and get the conversation flowing with wine and paintings. You also get a chance to go home with your painting. The experience will cost you between Sh1,500 and Sh2,500 inclusive of painting supplies, instructors, and drinks.