A veggie burger so good even meat lovers would enjoy

A veggie burger so good even the staunchest meat lover would enjoy it. at Falafel House, Sarit Centre, Westlands. Photo | Maryanne Owiti

What you need to know:

  • Falafel House, Sarit Centre, Westlands boasts of healthier alternatives to my favourite kind of fast food – the burger.

Having just come out of a 21-day fast where I only ate fruits and vegetables, I had been worried about finding wellness menus, especially when I’m looking for something quick to eat between errands. A friend of mine who is transitioning from vegetarianism to veganism recommended the Falafel House as a place for quick bites where I wouldn’t fall off the wellness wagon since it is 100 percent vegetarian street-style food. 

Located on the second floor of the Sarit Centre food court, the Falafel House menu boasts of healthier alternatives to my favourite kind of fast food – the burger. They have a falafel burger, a beetroot burger, an avocado burger where the bun is avocado and the fan favorite, the portobello mushroom burger.  

A little more expensive than the other burgers at Sh1000 with a regular side, the portobello mushroom burger is a fan favorite with good reason. Dubbed the steak of veggie burgers, the portobello mushroom burger at Falafel House, coated in a breadcrumb batter, substitutes the taste and texture of meat so effortlessly that even the staunchest meat lover would enjoy this burger. Brought together with a toasty bun, juicy tomato, and a sauce that can only be magic, it doesn’t feel as though I’m being cheated out of a proper burger. And it makes me wonder whether I actually liked meat or if it was the seasoning all along. 

Along with the burger, Falafel house offers sides of grilled halloumi, home fries, loaded fries, and sweet potato fries. My disappointment at not being able to order the sweet potato fries is more than made up with the home fries that are seasoned to perfection. 

The service is as you would expect at a food court but having said that, it does take an awful long time for the food to arrive. Google customer service reviews of Falafel House tend towards the poor category. If I hadn’t already finished my errands, I would have walked away. The standard service time for fast food is between four to eight, at most 15 minutes. My order takes nearly 30 minutes to come out but it might have had something to do with the manager reprimanding the staff. Even if I am the only customer and it is well before the lunch hour rush, a customer is a customer and it’s very uncomfortable hearing all the things that are wrong with the service of the restaurant where you are currently eating.

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