A tour of the place where life originally started

Aproaching El Molo village from the  sacred island. Photo | Rupi Mangat

What you need to know:

  • It is here in Turkana that human-kind first emerged with the fossil of the Turkana Boy’s skeleton who lived 1.5 million years ago
  • It is a land of paradoxes: intense heat and strong winds; a lake amidst a desert, a moisture-fed forest mountain amidst stark volcanic stretches

It’s a show-stopper. The first sight of Lake Turkana as we come over the ridge. All around us, it’s a stark landscape. Bare, black volcanic rocks and rubble, shallow gorges, intense heat, a bluer than blue sky and a blue-green lake shining under the midday sun, stretching endlessly into the horizon. It’s the Jade Sea, officially Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent lake in a desert. 


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