A day with the Maasai Mara manes and big cats

A day with the Maasai Mara manes and big cats. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

  • The Mara is without doubt ‘big cat’ country
  • In the first light of the day, as sun splatters the horizon in gold and orange, a huge male with a full mane of black, is frozen in space in the midst of the rising mist

“That’s Bella 2,” states Milton Karienkei, our driver-guide from Mara Ngenche, the little luxury camp where the Talek meets the Mara River. Bella 2 is lounging high up on her tree, legs dangling, her roseate-spotted coat patterned in the green foliage. Bella 2 also has her prey up there with her, as is typical of a leopard. It’s an antelope of some sort. Through the binoculars we can see its legs dangling from the branch.


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