‘Mimi hukula fare. Fare lazima tukule kwani iko nini!’, Actress Liz Wambui Jackson

23-year-old Liz Wambui Jackson, is a Lifestyle and Travel Content creator, a digital strategist, a host on SPM Buzz and an actress. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

23-year-old Liz Wambui Jackson, is a Lifestyle and Travel Content creator, a digital strategist, a host on SPM Buzz, and an actress.

I haven’t been very consistent on my vlog channel which is fairly new because at the moment I have a lot on my plate, but I am doing my best.

Vlogging is not an easy task. YouTube needs a lot of concentration and consistency, I edit the vlogs myself and I get overwhelmed. I am getting an editing team which I believe will help me be consistent.

Many content creators have numbers on Social Media but do not translate to YouTube subscriptions and views because YouTube algorithm is a bit different from the other social media platforms.  It requires a creator to grow numbers from scratch. 

My journey as an actress all began when I appeared in films such as Hullaballoo Estate and Anda Kava on Maisha Magic. I have also worked on a few clips with Njugush Creatives. I’m grateful for the baby steps. 

I rely on referrals. I started out as an extra on a film, did my best and the producer kept casting me because he saw I was really passionate and talented

At SPM Buzz, I work as a host of the Buzz With Stars shows. I also host red carpet events and I’m head of SPM Buzz, Digital department.

Producer Eddie Butita is the most amazing boss. He has taught me to be patient, to take my craft seriously, to utilise my numbers, and keep growing them. He has also taught me how to brand myself. 

What I hate most about my job is that I always have to be on my phone most of the times which can be draining.

Its normal for a woman to be hit one, however, men can really be irritating especially when they force affection.

The worst pickup line I’ve heard was “kwani we ni barua, juu umejileta”.  I found it to be so disrespectful. Who says that a woman has to be trying to woo a man each time? 

Times are changing and women are now hitting on guys, but I think men should be the chasers; but to each their own.


The Nairobi dating scene is horrible; people are playing with each other’s feelings.

By the way, mimi hukula fare. Fare lazima tukule kwani iko nini. Haha!

To my fans, I say stay true to yourself, chase your dreams consistently, and do not be in competition with anyone.

My three principles of life; To mind my business, always remember my worth, and consistently put in the work. 

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